Mobile server is a project that consists of moving the files of my website ( to a small server of my own, with both WiFi and SIM Internet access, a solar panel that facilitates its autonomy and inside a custom-made box that allows its mobility. By means of a small mirror and a camera, the server takes selfies and shows them on the main page of my website, so that whoever enters it, sees part of the elements that hold it, that hold my cognitive work. Overall, the project looks into the relations between telematic, labour and body architectures.

This website presents a workshop proposal and its materials taking as starting point the Mobile server project. The workshop is halfway technical (to understand how the server works) and conceptual, by speculating with new uses of mobile server networks.

First workshop: Art & Worklab - Paradigm Shifts (Aug 25-29, 2021) organized by in Graz (Austria)

In different stages, this project has been supported by: (currently)
Grant for research and innovation in the fields of visual arts. Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)
Summer sessions art and technology residencies (host:, Barcelona)
Bòlit Centre d'Art Contemporani (Girona, Catalonia)